Infinite Painter Portrait Course - How to add Color to Grayscale art

Infinite Painter Portrait Course - How to add Color to Grayscale art

Are you looking for an easier and faster way to paint your Digital Portraits and illustrations? 

Painting in Grayscale a.k.a Black and white, then coloring after, is definitely a technique you should learn. This course will teach you how to easily add color to your grayscale art with an easy to understand method.

Adding color to grayscale allows you to focus on creating your paintings in black and white first, which is great because you can perfect your dark and light areas without worrying about a ton of color shades and color theory. When adding color, the process is easy, non-destructive, and reversible to different colors compared to normal color blending. 

This course:

  • explains the 4 most useful layer blending modes
  • has 11 chapters
  • has over 20 minutes of demonstration and voice commentary
  • easy to follow cadence
  • contains the Infinite Painter project file with all layers of the portrait in the course so you can learn hands on
  • teaches how to use layer clipping
  • teaches how to apply Infinite Painter color adjustments

This Course was created in Infinite Painter on an IPAD pro 2018 with an apple pencil. This method will work on with Infinite Painter on all platforms. You can also use this course if you use Procreate, Photoshop, or any other painting software because they all have layer blending modes.

Thanks, and if you enjoy the course, leave a comment.

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