Artstation HD Metal Prints.... are they worth it. Full Review

General / 27 March 2023

I purchased 3 HD Metal prints from my own portfolio and I want to share my opinions and also show what these prints look like. I think you will be surprised!

Bring Tranquility and Creativity to Your Living Room with Blue and Purple Geometric & Fluid Abstract Canvas Wall Art

General / 24 December 2022

Blue and purple are often associated with tranquility, spirituality, and creativity, making this blue and purple fluid abstract canvas wall art a perfect choice for the living room.

One of the main functions of the living room is to provide a welcoming and relaxing space for family and guests. The calming hues of blue and purple in this wall art can help to create a serene atmosphere in the room, making it a great place to unwind after a long day.

In addition to its calming effects, blue and purple are also thought to stimulate the mind and encourage creativity. This makes the blue and purple fluid abstract canvas wall art an excellent choice for a living room where people gather to socialize, watch TV, or work on projects.

The fluid abstract design of the canvas adds an artistic and modern touch to the room, making it a stylish and unique addition to your home décor. The canvas material is also durable and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas like the living room.

Overall, the blue and purple fluid abstract canvas wall art is a great choice for the living room due to its calming and creative qualities, as well as its modern and practical design. 

version 1 available here:

version 2 available here:

version 3 available here:

version 4 available here:

version 5 available here:

Issa and Lawrence from INSECURE show portrait

Making Of / 10 March 2022

This portrait is of Issa Rae and Jay Ellis who play the parts as Issa and Lawrence in the HBO show "INSECURE" which is one of my favorite shows.

Throughout the show, Issa and Lawrence have a relatable down to earth relationship with ups and downs but I wanted to capture a moment of the show when they were on the same frequency in life and were happy together

I started this painting in black and white just like I do with all of my paintings.

Coloring was easy. I always color based on my own "grayscale to Color" process. Below shows some of the progression with the coloring. You can learn my easy process HERE

I thought that this painting would look boring If I just painted everything like the reference so I decided to add a fantasy style to it by fading the edges and swooshing Issa and Lawrence together with pastel textured strokes. The blend in between them represents them coming together as one in their relationship

Thanks for reading. Check out my courses HERE to learn some of my techniques and also feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions. 


Zendaya from Euphoria fan art sketch and process

Making Of / 07 March 2022

Grayscale version 

Here is a quick summary of my grayscale to coloring process. There's more to the process than shown in the photo below but I just wanted to show the progression of the color blending.

If you would like to learn how to easily add color to your finished black and white artwork, check out my easy-to-understand course on how to add color to grayscale. It will definitely make your workflow easier.   take the course here:

New portrait painting course - How to add Color to Grayscale art

Tutorial / 13 February 2022

In this course, I start with my finished grayscale portrait. Which is most of my hard work overall in regards to creating portraits. everything after this stage is easy.

Here is the final colored result.

In the course, I explain the main color blending modes that I use.

I color all of my portraits using a few colors. In this portrait, I only used 3. In the course, I show how and why I select those colors from the reference image.

Infinite Painter has a great color adjusting tool. I will show you the main features I use to finalize my portraits.

This course includes a downloadable Project file that contains all the layers from the course so you can learn hands-on.

you can grab the course here:

How to use Clipping Masks to shade easier

Tutorial / 12 January 2022

This is a quick 1-minute video that shows how to use Clipping Masks in Infinite Painter for an easier shading process. This technique will work in any software that has a clipping mask feature. Thanks for watching.